We should not let others pretend that there are no energy alternatives because they can't think of any or won't work to make them available -- this is America, where the electric revolution began on Pearl St. in Manhattan over 100 years ago.

The annual worldwide market for distributed generation (DG) below 10 MW, is estimated at 17 to 35 GW and studies indicate that small-scale power world-wide account for a large portion of the 200 GW of capacity that was to be added by 2003. Cogeneration accounts for 10% of Europe's power, and that could triple over the next decade if discriminatory regulations are removed -- this mirrors what is also happening in the US with state regulatory reform.

The US has room to grow, with only 8% of power obtained from combined heat and power systems. Denmark obtains 40% of its energy from DG. Most of society's power can come from small-scale local systems, with the rest coming from renewable energy like wind farms and solar plants. We could choose the path of making large centralized thermal plants and traditional energy supply networks obsolete.

We have been advocating a new model to promote responsible clean power, with a "Public Private Partnership" enabling a translation to a new economy not strangled by offshore petroleum interests and poor corporate governance in the power sector.

Our group Eco-NRG provides:

• Consulting, engineering, permitting, interconnection, and financial services for systems.

• Focus on the best available commercial systems to achieve air quality and reliability.

• Applications that span the spectrum of technologies available, including: turbine, reciprocating, sterling, fuel cell, and renewable.

• A full service solution to customers energy, eco-industrial design, and environmental needs.

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Pearl Street produced power for 800 electric light bulbs. Within 14 months, Pearl Street Station had 508 subscribers and 12,732 bulbs.

The electric revolution it was, after Pearl Street Station, Edison started the Edison Company for Isolated Lighting. His company was formed in May 1883 to build and sell electric power stations to towns and cities throughout the United States. Less than twenty years later half the homes in the US had this new energy source.